We love reviews and appreciate them to boost and maintain the integrity, services and quality of our marketplace, The Transportation Providers or wheelers (“as known as drivers) are directly reviewed and rated by their Customers (Shippers). Our Platform allows Customers (Shippers) to give their reviews/feedback fairly and respectfully. Their reviews are very precious for us to have a deep look insight a driver’s business practices and performances. Your experiences will provide useful feedback to our business. All voices are encouraged and heard on this site; however, some reviews may be inappropriate and will be deleted/ or temporary removed to protect our Users and to support our values.

Therefore, we expect form all reviewers to meet the following primary standards:

Reviews Standards

Language: is an English language site hence we expect all our users to write their reviews in English. Junk characters, repeating text or irrelevant text should not be included in reviews. As we want a range of viewpoints to be heard.


Multiple reviews about the same services are unnecessary and crowd out other options therefore duplication of review is not allowed.

Constructive critique:

Reviewers comments should acknowledge the positive aspects of the services reviewed, identify negative aspects constructively, and indicate the improvements needed.

Harassment or Attack:

We do not allow any review that directly or indirectly harass or attack individuals on a personal level. Reviews should be based on honesty and independent of any external pressure or harassment, providing an opportunity to improve and learn.


We expect that reviewers will not exaggerate or deliberately/intentionally misrepresent their experience. We expect reviews to be honest and truthful so do mention the facts as you understand them to be.

Offensive or inflammatory:

Spam, promotional or reviews with promotional links, affiliate links, any form of codes, or any offensive or fraudulent sort of reviews are not allowed. Reviews should be of the services overall.

Impartiality and integrity:

Reviewer comments should be based on an objective and impartial consideration of the facts, circumstances and services provided by the drivers, exclusive of personal or professional bias.

Conflict of Interest:

Users should give their personal reviews to talk about their experiences, and should provide useful feedback. They should not be submitted to coerce or receive any sort of reward, benefit or advantage from the Drivers. It includes giving review as a favor, whether it is requested or not, to business or personal contacts.

Review Solicitation:

We appreciate and encourage Drivers to ask their customers to post reviews. But before asking you should read this reviews Policy as a whole and make sure they understand it. When asking for reviews, drivers should keep in mind that We do not allow directed or incentivized reviews.

  • Drivers shall not ask the customer to give a positive rating or provide any form of incentive.
  • Ask for specific comments to be made or invite the reviewer to submit a fresh review which does not contradict/violate our policy

If you see any review that violates our policy standards or have sufficient evidence that a user has solicited reviews against our review policy, please feel free to contact us at (


If a negative review is left in a case of cancellation/reschedule of shipment or for any other fair reasons such as vehicle disorder, illness, or force majeure etc. We may temporarily remove reviews to investigate the real reason. A range of actions may be taken when a review is under investigation such as temporary removal of the review until the investigation is completed. We use different forms of data to moderate and inspect reviews including IP address, email address, time and date of posting, review pattern, review content, authenticity of past reviews etc. All reviews are inspected and moderated according to this policy, and all decisions are made at our sole direction.


In case a driver contacts wemovewheels to challenge the credibility of a review, our contact and support team will thoroughly investigate the matter and try to establish what actually has taken place. For further details on this procedure, please consult the Dispute Resolution Section of the Help center.


If the arbitration fails to find solution or any common ground to solve the dispute and rebuttals are deemed insufficient. Wemovewheels reserves the rights to delete a review from its platform. This measure is reserved for reviews that violates our policy guidelines or rules and regulations of our platform.


One of the most general form of curation that involves posting a driver’s rebuttal to a review. In such way driver can explain or present the other side of the story, by giving, clarifying and sharing additional details or information. As like original review, the rebuttal is required to follow our rules and guidelines.

About this Policy:

This policy is subjected to alter at any time, and may be applied to reviews that were submitted at any time in past as well as new reviews. The entire website reviews content would be reviewed for checks once a week by the Therefore, reviews should be of the services overall.

If you see any review that violates our basic standards contact our customer support Centre.

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