It is very important to us that our customers are satisfied with our services as there is nothing more valuable than your trust upon us. In case of failure of your driver to pick up or the delivery as agreed, then you may request a refund of our services fee. The term Wheeler in this policy is used for a Driver, hence wherever the Word wheeler is used, will be acknowledged as a Driver. Here are many instances of circumstances under which you can claim a refund.

Eligibility Criteria for Full Refund of our Services Fee

Full refunds of our services fees will only be considered where you satisfy the refund eligibility criteria in full. If you book a Wheeler (Driver) and pay the services fees but the wheeler as known as Driver fails to contact you within a reasonable amount of time or claim that he is having, vehicle trouble, any emergency situation or force majeure or fail to show up, in all these cases you are eligible for a full refund of our services fee and the option of re-listing.

Ineligibility Criteria for Full Refund of Our Services Fee

If you book a wheeler (Driver) and pay the fee, but later on ship the item yourself, alter your mind, or deliberately/intentionally or negligently perform such action or series of actions which violates our policy, in all aforementioned cases you are not eligible for a full refund of our services fee and We shall have the authority to perform action against you. If you make a false claim and later on it proves that you have misrepresented your claim or tried to deceive the shippers or for any other reason you may be penalized.

Furthermore, some of the cases are described and vividly explained below ,therefore, in any of these cases you will not be eligible for refund of our Services fee.

  • If you book a Wheeler and pay the fee, but you decide to ship the item yourself.
  • If you book a Wheeler and pay the fee, but your friend or any other person then offers you to ship the item for you.
  • If you book a Wheeler and pay the fee, but later on you change your mind.
  • If you book a Wheeler and pay the fee, but the item does not match your shipment listings, affecting the wheeler’s ability to pick up or deliver it as agreed earlier.
  • If you book a Wheeler and pay the fee, but you fail or refuse to provide the necessary information, documents or details for the delivery to take place.
  • If you book a Wheeler and pay the fee, but later on decide to alter the agreed-upon pickup or delivery dates, and your wheeler cannot accommodate this modified or altered schedule.
  • If you book a Wheeler and pay, but then a third-party cancels on you.
  • If you book a Wheeler and situations get out of their control prevent pick up or timely delivery.

Moreover, A refund request can be made within 90 days since initial payment. If your refund request is made after 120 days it will be considered as null and void, and no further actions will be taken about this. We ( ) may use PayPal to issue refunds in exceptional cases and circumstances. We Shall not issue personal checks to process refunds.

If a Wheeler (Driver) engages in any fraudulent or illegal transaction (accepts up-front payment from you then stops communicating) then you will be entitled to a full refund of the wemovewheels booking deposit fee. We will investigate the whole matter before issuing the refund. We shall not be responsible for any payments made to the Wheeler (Driver). Therefore, we highly recommend that you utilize payment methods which can be disputed.

In case your shipment is late or is not delivered for any reason, you may contact us at ( ) to request a refund of the booking fee. You must provide supporting evidence that the driver canceled on you. After receiving your refund / canceled contract request, we will contact and confirm from the driver about the cancellation. Wheelers (Drivers) will have up to 2 days to reply and confirm the cancellation claim. After the completion of the investigation of cancellation, full refund of our services fee will be paid to the customer. It will not take more than 2 to 3 days to complete our investigation

Please contact our support team for further assistance with any other issue or concerns you may have.

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