Reliability is the most valuable ingredient of our platform to win the hearts of our customers, but frequent and final moment cancellations not only damage our reputation as well as our relationships with our customers, which will result in reducing likelihood of future bookings. This cancellation policy is an enforcement to reduce cancellations rate. Our sole object is to minimize the number of delivery professionals who accept and then cancel shipment. This is not acceptable at all cost as it results in bad user experience for customers.

Cancellation and Suspension of Use:

Please note that we ( ) are entitled to remove/suspend the users from our platform with immediate effect and/or cancel or refuse any delivery, if it causes any abuse or harm to our platform, or If We have reasonable belief/knowledge of any illegal act or fraudulent acts by the users or if the user otherwise does not comply with its obligations under our general terms. The user may not use our platform for any illegal or unlawful purposes of money laundering or other criminal activities. If the user violates this section, we may permanently suspend the user from using our platform.

Exceptional cases of Cancellations for Drivers:

However, we know very well that there are times when you’ll need to cancel a shipment which you have already accepted, therefore following exceptions are described below:

  • Your loved ones or you have an emergency
  • If a customer verbally or physically threatens your safety. But in this case, you need to provide us with concrete evidence so that your acceptance rate or cancellation rate not be affected.
  • You have contacted the customer prior to a pick up or before the agreed pick up time and you looked for your customer or delivery point and tried to contact the customer/ user and you have exhausted all the communication ways with the customer and the customer did not return your calls, texts or on our platform chat but still don’t see them.
  • Vehicle trouble, any emergency situation or force majeure

If a driver does not show on a delivery within time, he will also be charged 100 dollars fine and could be suspended from using our platform until he acknowledges and promised to not do that in future.

Acceptance Rate:

Cancelling a delivery after you have already accepted the offer affects your acceptance rate. Please Note that If a customer cancels or is a no show, your acceptance rate will not be affected.

Customer Cancellations Policy

Customer can cancel the order before (72ours) the promised pick-up time and no penalty will be incurred by Us.

  • If a shipment is cancelled within 48-60 hours before pickup 30 dollars cancellation fee will be owned to the driver
  • If a cancelation occurs before 48 hours, then 100 dollars cancellation fees will be owned by the driver.
  • If a shipment is canceled within 24 hours, then 100 % or 60 % of the services fee will be owed to driver.

Drivers Cancellations:

Since it’s a beginning of a new era in transportation service, we have also drafted a cancellation policy to safeguard the interest and credibility of our platform for our drivers that covers cases in which a driver cancels on a customer after having a shipment will be penalized with fine /temporarily or permanently suspension from our website.

First Cancellation:

In case of First cancellation our customer support team will temporarily block your account and email you, after your confirmation that you acknowledge and understand our cancellation policy, your account will be unblocked by our customer support team.

Removal of Negative reviews due to Canceled shipments:

It is understandable that cancelled shipment will result in a negative review on your profile, which will certainly affect your credibility and future chances of taking shipments. If a driver cancels on a shipper within 24-36 hours after selection for the shipment, or 5 or more days before the pickup date, we shall remove any negative feedback or reviews left against you by a shipper. We shall remove these negative views after investigation and only in the exceptional cases of cancellation.

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